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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Steaming Ahead With Corrections

Corrections are probably the least interesting part of writing a novel for me. But they are a necessary evil otherwise the finished MS looks dreadful. Fortunately my long suffering parents have read my Romance novel for me and completed 5.5 sheets of A4 of corrections for me. Most are typos which is gratifying. There was only one major plot mistake which I've rectified. Just getting on with corrections, boring but maybe I'll get time to start the new novel today!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The scent of baking...

Very clear head today. Unusual for me. Usually there's ideas and stories jumping up and down yelling for my attention. Perhaps my head is clear because I spent 3 hours solid yesterday writing down all my ideas for the next novel. It is still weird to have a quiet head but I'm enjoying it. Today I'm focusing on being domestic. I am baking lots of food today: - 3 sets of bread rolls, two apple and blackberry crumbles and a fruit cake for my dad's birthday at the weekend. The house smells divine! As soon as I start cleaning I expect the ideas will start off again. Story writing and being domesticated don't sit easily together. Haven't heard back from any of the agents I wrote to last week. But most of them will take 6-8 weeks to respond so I think maybe I'm being a bit impatient.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Planning completed!

Have just finished planning the next novel. I feel so much better already. All those ideas that were jabber-jabbering at me have finally gone away. All written down waiting to become real...

Monday Morning

I am trying to plan my next novel and all I seem to be doing is faffing around trying to sort out blogging and facebook and all that tedious kind of stuff! No email from Fiona Robyn today. She's really good at getting one focussed on what one should be doing on a Monday morning. I think she was moving this weekend, so that's probably why we've not heard from her... OK, I am going to get on with planning now. Futuristic novel here I am!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Introducing Dragonscale Clippings

What do you do when you've launched a female dragon slayer into the world? Well, short of dropping everything and trying to go after her to find out what she's up to (check out Dracomagan on Twitter!) I've had to go down other avenues to satisfy my creativity. Today I am marketing and unearthing relevant agents to send my completed novels to. And I thought I'd try blogging as well.