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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Realisation - 31

Realisations have produced Resolutions...

Realisation - 30

The weather in England is changeable. There is absolutely no point in trying to predict it. Just enjoy it!

I've had some poetry published!

I've had 3 poems published in Dial 174 # 85.

Promise is written in freeform about a vision of rainfall

Broken Circle is a rhythmical exploration of mythical and religious beliefs

Octobersong is a 3 stanza love song written in imabicpentameter

If you would like to read them, you can contact the Editor here  to order your copy of the magazine. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for contact details).

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

For some light entertainment...!

If you have 10 seconds to spare and need to smile, visit Freya at Elfwood and read my "Dragonish Cinquains". 

Realisation - 29

The cat does not understand that he has done wrong. All he knows is that you are not happy with him.

Realisation - 28

No longer a promise, but reality; Spring!

Realisation - 27

Repetitive, boring tasks are true therapy when one is in the middle of being stressed.

Realisation - 26

Stress takes insidious hold of me. I fight it. I will not succumb.

Realisation - 25

I should not think about writing all thetime. I am wearing myself out. I must concentrate on the task in hand and not become distracted.

Realisation - 24

Time is finite. It has a beginning and an end. But it's not just linear or cyclical. It's both of these and vertical too. Hard to get my head round it.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Realisation - 23

How to "be"; that is the question!

Realisation - 22

I don't have to write if I don't want to. I am not a slave to it. I write because I want to.

Realisation - 21

I've realised that the heartbeat of a house is the ticking of the clock.

Realisation - 20

The year turns; equinox. We look up with hope for a better future.

Realisation - 19

I'm not superwoman. I can't do everything. I am me. I have limitations which I need to accept.

Realisation - 18

Hints are like promises. They're a gift for the future. Like Spring which is almost here, but not quite. Hope remains.

Realisation - 17

Just because things don't happen how I want them to - that doesn't mean the world is against me.

Monday, 21 March 2011

How To Write Your Way Home

How To Write Your Way Home

by Fiona Robyn

reviewed by Freya Pickard

This is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. Beautifully presented and written it is a delightful handbook for all creative writers whether beginners or published novelists. 

The book revolves around Lorrie's Story which is told in 6 parts, interspersed with thoughts and inspirations for writing. 

Lorrie's Story is a poignant yet positive tale. Robyn pays attention to small details which do not hinder the narrative. Instead, these little details make Lorrie real and the story believable. 

Having been writing seriously for nearly 20 years now (and not being taken seriously by either publishers or agents so far) I found the pieces between each part of Lorrie's tale refreshing and inspiring. So much so that I've started writing 3 sides of A4 before I sit down at my computer whenever I have a "writing" day. (I used to do this years ago and don't know why I ever stopped). It is a brilliant way of gettin grid of the dross before I write properly and some of the things I've written so far can be used in articles or stories...

Don't miss out! Download your free copy of How To Write Your Way Home from www.writingourwayhome.com

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Realisation - 16

Relationships have to be worked at. They don't just 'happen'.

Realisation - 15

The weather affects my mood. But I don't need to let it control me. I can overcome the external influences, drawing on that which is inside me.

Realisation - 14

Do my thoughts really shape my life? What do I think about most? Do I actually ever stop thinking?

Realisation - 13

If everything is of eternal significance, then everything I do is of the utmost importance.

Realisation - 12

Tension in my head and neck; I'm holding onto something I shouldn't.

Realisation - 11

Why do spiders frighten me? They are useful creatures. I am filled with utter loathing for them. Must be me, not them.

Realisation - 10

Helping my partner build our websites; teaching me patience, as well as programming!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Realisation - 9

Cats exist for a specific purpose; they're here to show us how to relax, slow down and just "be"!

Realisation - 8

My brain doesn't actually control me. I control my brain. That means I am more than flesh and blood and chemicals. There's more to me than meets the eye...

Realisation - 7

God didn't create these beautiful landscapes to be admired on a postcard. He wanted us to be in the landscapes, enjoying their different kinds of beauty.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Realisation - 6

The more I slow down, the more patience I find I have. Interesting!

Realisation - 5

I need to relax more and enjoy life. I am becoming a workaholic. Balance is necessary.

Realisation - 4

I am too impatient; with myself, with others, the weather... Why?

Realisation - 3

It doesn't matter that I'm not stunningly beautiful. It's who I am on the inside that counts.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Realisation - 2

I may not be as stunning beautiful as I think I am.

Realisation - 1

I'm not perfect. Bugger!


In March I am going to record one realisation about myself every day and post them on this blog as and when I am able. 

I only blog 2-3 times a week so if you would like to receive an email from me when my blogs are posted, please email me at freya.pickard ( at ) gmail.com

Reflections - 28

Reflections have produced realisations about myself.

Reflections - 27

The wind, fresh and clean; scours my lungs, clears my head.