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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What Inspires Me - Part 5


Most definitely books! From Beatrix Potter stories to Wind in the Willows, from Winnie the Pooh to The Hobbit, from The Lord of the Rings to the Chronicles of Narnia, from the Dragonlance Chronicles to the Dragons of Pern - the list is endless. 

Books were very important to me as a child. We did not have a TV and even now I cannot just sit and watch TV unless I am watching a story or music. Books were my escape from school. They made me feel safe. I could have adventures without having to go through all the scary things myself! 

I have to make time to read now. There is always something to do. But when I do read I like real writing, not some slapdash story just put together and sold on either titillation or sensationalism. Stories need to be told and readers need to read them. I write what I like to read but cannot find on the bookshelves. Surely that should tell publishers and agents something!