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My motto for 2012: Quality, not quantity

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About Freya Pickard

Freya Pickard is a novelist and poet living in England with her partner in a little house on the side of a hill. 

Her first novel, Dragonscale Leggings, was published in 2009 and is available to buy at amazon.co.uk

She is currently working on a futuristic series as well as drafting a novel about living with depression. 

In 2012 so far she has had a haiku published in #109 of The New Writer as well as a short story, The Rusalka Ritual, published in the winter issue of Golden Visions

Her other blog is dedicated to preserving traditional English language haiku and can be found at PureHaiku

Please note that although blog tours and reviews occasionally appear on Freya's blog, she is unable at this time to accept unsolicited requests for such things.