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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday Words - Gold Dust

Something a bit different for Wednesday Words. (I'm in the process of trying to move both my blogger accounts over to Wordpress and have limited time for creativity at the moment...)

Gold Dust Magazine have published a sonnet! Actually, I have to admit I've only ever written one sonnet in my entire life. They are very difficult to write and I have the greatest admiration for Shakespeare and people who write them because there is such a lot of skill involved.

Anyway, I wrote "A Sonnet To A Razor" a while ago for a competition, not realising that the judge was a man without a sense of humour. So the sonnet didn't even get a mention, let alone get placed...

I decided to try Gold Dust as they are a literary magazine and I would like to enter that genre. (I'm currently in the fantasy and science fiction genre, whilst dabbling in romance and thriller). So I was delighted that Gold Dust selected my sonnet to publish in issue 21.
The latest issue is out now and you can find more about it at Gold Dust


  1. Well done. I have also only ever written one sonnet - a pretty poor one at that, it also tried to be humerous, they are so hard to write. Maybe I'll have another go one day.

  2. I think I may have written a few. But as I don't at the moment organize by type...I wouldn't know where to look for them. Congratulations to you! I bookmarked the Gold Dust so I can go back to it...when ever I have a few spare moments!