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Monday, 18 October 2010

Why do I write?

I write because there are stories inside me. 

I write because there are so many ideas fermenting in my mind that if I did not write them out, I would explode. 

I write because I have something valid to say. 

I write because I have to. It is part of me. Even if it's just one sentence per day - I have to write. 

I write because I love words. I enjoy making prose and poetry that delights and entertains. 

I write because I want to challenge people's perceptions of the world around them, of themselves, of concepts that they haven't even heard of yet. 

I write because the muse is constantly feeding me, inspiring me, driving me to write. 

I write because I am a writer. 


  1. Just read this. That's how I used to feel but, alas, frustration and disappointment re publishers (not to mention growing old!) has removed most of the plots I once had in my head. also much of the desire to write so now it's only when I feel like it. So why do I feel guilty if I don't write? It certainly makes writing a novel a very slow process.
    Keep writing Anna

  2. Keep writing! I want to read your words!