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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What inspires me - part 3

People are very inspiring! 

I find I draw a lot of inspiration from people. Although I don't like to be around too many people for too long (crowds drain my energy) I enjoy meeting different sorts of people. Anything from physical appearance to mannerisms, what people say and how they say things - these are all inspirational to me as a writer. 
I don't use everything I see or hear but certain things that stand out from the "norm" I nearly always use. What intrigues me is how someone can say one short sentence, and even though I won't necessarily use that sentence in a story, the words spark off a whole scene for a book. 

It doesn't take much to be inspired. You just have to be open to inspiration and be aware that it's lurking in the not-so-obvious places...

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  1. OK, I'll be careful what I say in the future...!