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Monday, 31 January 2011

Why I should be published

I am not a celebrity. I am not famous. I am not infamous. But, I am a writer and my writing has merit. This alone should qualify me to read by agents and publishers.

So, why don't they?

I write from my heart. I attempt different styles in order to appeal to a wide audience. I write what I would like to read, being unable to find it on the bookshop shelves.

I research carefully and plan out each novel in advance. I don't restrict myself to my plan, but let inspiration take me where it will. I draft and redraft carefully so that my work is the best.

And still, the agents and publishers won't even bother to read me.

My work is excellent. I will not stop my search for an agent/publisher. Somewhere, out there, there is someone who will recognise the quality of my writing and take a risk on me. I'm worth it! My writing is different. My writing is eminently sellable.

Choose me!


  1. You are worth it. Keep believing. It will happen!

  2. Maybe add "fun" in addition to "funny" and "interesting" and "cool." I did like this and of course I know exactly how you feel. I say:
    "Choose Freya AND me!"

  3. Be patient. Your time will come! (And a lot of agents/publishers will kick themselves for NOT taking you on!)