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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Out of Touch

I'm exhausted! Recently life has been too busy, too stressful and just too much. So I'm taking a few weeks break from everything. I won't be around on the internet much until mid-late July as I really need a break from my pc screen and have some serious reading to catch up on. (Too much work and not enough rest....) The only internet contact I will be having is on my blog on a daily basis as I'm participating in A River of Stones project in July. So if you need to contact me urgently, leave a comment on my most recent posting, and, time and place permitting I'll be in touch.

Despite life being manic and crazy, I have at last managed to launch my very own newsletter - let me know if you'd like to receive further issues.  Any comments are more than welcome.

I had a short story published recently too - you can read it  here - scroll down to page 3 but feel free to look at the rest of the stuff there!

And, finally, if you feel in need of some light holiday reading, why not try this book ?

Take care and have a lovely Summer - let's hope the sun shines soon!

Keep being creative!


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  1. I enjoyed the short story. Great stuff, keep it up.