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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ideas for Christmas...

If you're a bit stuck on what to buy your friends and family for Christmas, or even stuck for ideas for yourself, here are my recommendations: -

A Year of Questions by Fiona Robyn 
It really does help you slow down and fall in love with life again. I really don't rate self-help books because they never help me. This one did. Even if you're not a writer, buy it! It really makes you think and find space once again.  

Pay Attention: A River of Stones
Back in January a whole group of us across the world joined together at A River Of Stones website to write a "small stone" every day. This anthology is a selection of the stones written during that month. (Mine is at the top of page 42!) A refreshing, relaxing and thought-provoking collection of bite sized poems and observations. Ideal for busy people or for those who can't concentrate for long. 

Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles by Elizabeth Leaper and Jack Williamson
My friend Libby has had an anthology of poetry published! This volume contains both her own and her late uncle's poetry. An absolute must for poetry lovers. 

Better Off Dead by Matt Rowe
Only recently released, this is a book that will get the teenagers in your life reading again. Actually, it'll get everyone in your life reading again so long as they've got a sense of humour! 
Dragonscale Leggings by Freya Pickard
Yes, I'm recommending my own work! If you need to escape from the dire deeds of politicians and faceless corporations, this is the perfect portal for you. If you're seriously depressed or even just feeling a bit down, then laughter is what you need - you'll find it in my tale of a strong heroine who (just about) overcomes against all odds. 

An amazing website for those finishing touches for all your gifts throughout the year. I think they only sell in the UK though. Everything is handcrafted in the UK - order your boxes soon!

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  1. Thank you so much for giving my book a mention. I intend to treat myself to a copy of yours for Christmas - I have already had a sneaky look at the link for the first 5 chapters and it looks to be a rollicking read.