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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Better Off Dead by Matt Rowe now available on Amazon

"Matthew Rowe is a recently radioactive, paranoid earthquake survivor from Louth in Lincolnshire England, but now lives in the very shaky city of Sendai, Japan. He attempts to write and teach English while being distracted by movies, games and photography. He likes revelling in darkness as much as he enjoys rolling in the aisles. So you can expect some blood, sex and depravity but be assured that the characters will probably feel guilty about it afterward.

His debut collection of short stories, 'Not All Of Them About Zombies', was published March 2008 by Lulu and has since received consistent critical acclaim. He has recently published a YA urban fantasy comedy of a novel called 'Better Off Dead' and is currently working on a Sci-fi comedy follow up. "

So, what's the book about?

"A world where sorcerers are saucy, vampires are a pain in the neck and everyone is clawing to be on top.

The city of Londinium is in a period of civil unrest, but it's not because the tube is always late, or because people are tired of zombies shedding limbs in public, nor is it because the humans are tired of trying to eke out a living only to meet a messy end in a dark alley. An unknown vampire has proclaimed himself ruler, and if there is one thing the people, both living and dead, hate more than a tyrannical ruler, it's a secretive one.

One young vampire is charged with discovering the prince's identity. The only problem: he doesn't want to. Ramses, the world's first genuine cat burglar, is far more concerned with eliminating the threat posed by the feline race rather than that of some pesky vampire lord, a dragon and civil war.

Can this undead slacker learn to grow up at last, foil this mysterious plot and halt the biggest supernatural conflict in history or will he need help from his mummy?

If you're still unsure whether or not to read the book, check out Matt's blog tour here on this site starting 5th March 2012 - it's not to be missed!

Thank you everyone - even if you read this far and just delete it. Matt's words will have infected your brain.

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