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Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 5 Girls for God by Katie Wood

Girls for God by Katie Wood is available for preorder from BRF and has also been reviewed at Amazon 

The release date for the reprint is 20th April 2012 and the book will cost £6.99. 

Why should you buy it?
Being a teenager is a trying time; it's a phase of life when all sorts of new problems and joys present themselves, from school work to boyfriends to thinking about the future. Trying to navigate all this isn't easy.

What the author says about her book
"I have written this book of Bible reflections, thoughts and prayers, because I wanted something similar for myself but couldn't find it. Although I haven't been a Christian for many years, my faith has helped me through a lot and I want to encourage others, especially if they are going through hard times, to stay close to God. I have learned that this is the best way of dealing with anything."

And here's an excerpt from a review
"I was impressed by the author's knowledge and love of the Bible; she uses both Old and New Testaments to great effect, and chose apt and interesting passages to explore. Her advice is unfailingly Biblical, but she has an eye for practical application. The style is lively and accessible, although I found myself hungry for more of her personal story (maybe I am just nosey!), Katie Wood's maturity and passion to live her life wholeheartedly for God is inspirational. This is a great resource for those working with teenagers."

Thank you for joining Katie on this week's blog tour. Please visit her blogsite at  Lose Yourself Book Reviews

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