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Friday, 23 March 2012

Day 5 - Giveaway & excerpts from Elizabeth Leaper's writing...



Starting today, Libby is giving away a free copy of "Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles."

This is an international giveaway and runs from 23rd March 2012 until midnight on 6th April 2012.

If you would like to win a copy of her book, please follow these instructions: -
1 - Follow this site (Dragonscale Clippings)
2 - Leave me a message / comment on this site mentioning CCGB
3 - In the same message, leave me a way of contacting you eg a blog or web site where I can easily find your contact details.

Once the winner is selected I will contact them and they will have 48 hours in which to respond to me, providing a postal address. If, after 48 hours have passed, the selected winner has not responded to me, I will select a new winner. 

The winner will be announced during the week commencing 9th April 2012. 

To tempt you further, here are some extracts from Libby's published poetry...

Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles

Extracts from poetry by Libby
How I long to see again
the pictures Jack Frost used to draw
on my window pane.
I used to greet with such delight,
after a cold and frosty night,
the fronds and ferns of filigree
that he had drawn exquisitely……..
……..With a forked twig
we twisted round and round,
gathering in the cobwebs like a skein of silk,
first one, then the next, and the next…..

...Those buttons
are all that I remember of the man.
conker-brown and made of leather,
woven like a turks-head knot….

Extracts from poetry by Jack Williamson

I watch a workman build a wall
With stone strewn by a quarry blast.
To me they seemed to ill disposed,
Last remnants of some holcaust…..

….Up here on the mountain there is truth.
Sweet unfettered winds of honesty blow
Across purple tremulous heather, ……

                        …….cornfields stripped and left
Bristling with anticipation for the first
Sensual stroke of the ardent plough,……..

Barking At Nothing (all by Elizabeth Leaper)

……..The Farmer asked if I’d like to see
The pig before I have my tea.
Quick as a shot I said ‘Yes’,
In my lovely pale pink dress.
There was the pig as clean as a pin,
In his lovely pale pink skin
That matched with me in my Sunday Best,
My lovely pale pink dress……….

…..His Dad would hold him on,
Push him round the park,
Gripping on the saddle
Till it was getting dark,
But every time his Dad let go
And dropped behind he found
That he still wobbled over
And – wallop – hit the ground.

…They dig it up from where it’s found
In sticky globules underground,
They refine it and they ladle it
Into jars and label it,
And happily they’ll show you round…….

...Like a scene from Fairyland
The frost hangs on the trees
And decorates the branches
With feathered crystal leaves...
The following excerpt is from a poem that appears in both books:

...The mermaid sat on the high granite rock
Combing her long golden hair
And sighed as she thought of her long-lost love –
A man who breathed in the air……….
……She watched him swim back to the beach through the surf,
Then he turned and waved her farewell
And she knew that she’d never see him again.
Her heart broke as the salty tears fell………

Thank you for joining Libby this week here at Dragonscale Clippings!  

You can read my review of Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles here at  Goodreads

If you would like to read more of her work, please visit Libby You can also read one of her poems in my 'zine Clippings #4. If you would like to receive this 'zine, please contact me.

To buy her book please visit Silverburn Publishing


  1. Hey Freya!! I am a huge fan of poetry and I would love to win a copy of Collecting Cobwebs and Gathering Brambles. I am also now following you! My blog is called The Teen Book Guru, and the website is www.teenbookguru.com

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  4. Hi Freya! I would also like to take part in the giveaway and try to win a copy of Collecting Cobwebs and Gathering Brambles. I find Libby's poetry lovely!
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    love, Claudia

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