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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Feedback - Clippings June 2011 - from Linda Turner

I always love Dragonscale as you know!

Book Two of the Future
Once again, a wonderful witty extract, the tone matching the dialogue perfectly. This is tantalisingly intriguing. I do think Tanek sounds quite hunky too. 

The Wilting June by Heather Connelly
So many lovely and wistful analogies. A leaving with the early blooms. I have no knowledge of flowers, I'm afraid, and always thought they bloomed in June, so this seems an alternative, upside down world where sadness comes at what should be a hopeful time of year. I enjoyed this. I especially like the fleeting glimpses of past joys and colours of them that make their loss all the more poignant along with the lonely sorrow of the leaving itself. 

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