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Monday, 3 October 2011

Why I Write Small Stones

I don't think my stones are technically true small stones. 

The way I write is peculiar. When I write a novel I am both detached and involved, but I am living my characters' lives as I write. 

So, for me, writing a small stone is not only a way of connecting with the world, but also a way of connecting with myself again. I have to find out how I feel and remind myself to be me. 

That's why I think my small stones are not detached enough to be true small stones. 

However, the practice has enabled me to stay sane whilst in the throes of creativity and give me a modicum of space whilst writing novels. (It becomes very exhausting hearing 3 or 4 different voices in one's head at once) 

Also, I think that small stones help improve my haiku writing.

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