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Monday, 9 April 2012

Comments on Clippings #4 from Linda Turner

Moments: I wish I could find the Paul Weller poem Ten Times Something Empty which had the same feel to this. Oh gosh, the hollow, beautiful lonelines he captures in that, which you manage too in this. Captivating depth of thought. Yours, I mean. 

The Kaerling; A really good choice of excerpt. The human emotions mingle in perfect harmony with the nature descriptions of where she is. The chant, as I would call it, slides in well into the pattern and feel of the narrative. And it finished at a very satisfactory point. 

Dragon Wind: What fabulous energy and vivacity this has. So effective in capturing the ferocity of the storm. 

Grey Matter: This has such dignity. I would in fact say, majesty. Such an unusual subject. Immediately attention-grabbing. Lovely. 

Aromatic Leaves: This is so sensually evocative that I could smell everything she describes. In fact, I nearly sneezed! What a beautiful background it is set against too. 

In fact, all the artwork is superb. Well done to all concerned. 

from Linda Turner

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  1. Wow...I am honored to have the words dignity and majesty associated with my writing - Thank you, Linda Turner!