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Friday, 6 April 2012

Golden Visions # 17 – A Review

My short story The Rusalka Ritual was published in issue 17 of Golden Visions Magazine in February this year. Beautiful produced and professionally finished this is a magazine to support. If you like fantastical tales (whether in the past, present or future) then you should seriously consider subscribing when they come back online in September 2012.

Easy to read with a whole range of styles and content. I spent several, very happy hours devouring the contents – mentally, not physically. From dark tales of childhood nightmares to an Ice Queen besotted by power, the subjects also included a modern day Castle Frankenstein, a dreamscape story and an intriguing tale of weight and chocolate…

My favourite story in this issue was Neptune Rising by Edmund Wells. It was hilarious right from the start, he draws pictures of his characters with amazingly few words and I got to know the protagonist immediately. The scenes were vivid and I’d even got the Australian accent before he used the word cobber. Loved the play on Norse legend which melded well with the futuristic setting. And as for David…! He was the perfect side-kick, or was he actually the main man? Perhaps Logan was the side-kick after all… Whichever, it was a rollicking good tale and my only criticism of it was that it ended too soon. Hey, maybe that’s not a crit after all!

If you’d like to read my story The Rusalka Ritual  please contact Golden Visions


  1. Golden Visions is a great mag. I really enjoyed your story and the others in the publication.

  2. Freya:

    Thank you SO much for your very kind words about Neptune Rising. I'm pleased you enjoyed it! I am working on a novel featuring Logan, O'Toole and Victoria - with help from David, of course. It means a lot to know that I'm not the only person laughing at my jokes. Thanks for noticing me!

    Edmund Wells

  3. As one of Logan's fans (and personal friend of his creator, Edmund Wells) I am happy to see him getting the exposure he deserves. He's quite the character!