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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday Words - Pure Haiku

Wednesday Words is a new venture for me. Each week I am going to write a little bit about a blog / website that I enjoy reading and feel strongly that I should share with you. 

I'm going to cheat on this first Wednesday though and unashamedly publicise the other blog that I write; PureHaiku

I set PureHaiku up after my traditional (5-7-5) haiku were rejected by a magazine that specialised in haiku. The reason given for the rejection was that my haiku were too traditional. After I'd stopped laughing in disbelief I fell to thinking about this statement. If a haiku isn't traditional, shouldn't it be called something different? And if we let other forms of haiku supersede the traditional form, what happens to the skill of writing traditional haik?

Yes, traditional haiku are hard to write. That's the point! It's a discipline! So here we are; PureHaiku. What do you think of it?

Not only do I share my own haiku on this site but I also show case other people's haiku also, including Claudia Messelodi and JulesPaige. Pop over and have a look - let me know what you think of it!

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