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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday Words - Wrensong

Today is Wednesday which means it's Wednesday Words day!

Today I would like to introduce you to Wrensong, an amazing writer. Her words are lyrical and honest, they flow from her pen like a stream in full spate. 

This excerpt is one of my favourite pieces she's written - Wandering

"Where am I going in such a hurry I should miss the flock of red breasted robins in the snow, or the mass of pink spring beauties blooming suddenly over the February grass?  Am I in such a rush for sleep I should fail to hear the soft petals of rain falling thru the cold night? ..."

Another beautiful piece of prose can be found here at Full Listening Moon

"The half moon was rising last week when I drove out to the Ozark hills for a few days of solitude in the woods. I went out to listen to the earth whose stories are slow and faithful. I went to find stillness and maybe to write if some words were given..."

Please visit her blog at Wild Soul and read her words for yourself.

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  1. Freya! What a surprise and gift. Thank you for this honor.